cancer is complex.

we bring clarity.

cancer is complex.

we bring clarity.

What We Do

Helping patients live longer and live better

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If you want the right information, you must ask the right questions.

We know a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming, confusing, and lonely - and a thousand things are running through your mind. We know because we have lived through the same experience with our loved ones - and this is what we learned:

Asking the right questions is important

You need the right information to make the best treatment decisions and to mitigate side effects

You are unique and so are your questions

Every cancer patient has a different combination of:

  • Details about their diagnosis
  • Treatment goals
  • Current treatment regimen and status
  • Access to resources

So, we created qlaro, an app that understands YOU and what you need, when you need it

How We Do It

Delivering the right information at the right time

Intuitive Interview Process

We guide you through the entire care process using an intuitive interview process that collects important details about your diagnosis, treatment plan, and goals.

Personalized Matching

We then use the details from your answers to deliver information and action items that are personalized to the needs of each and every individual patient.

We connect you to information and resources that match your unique profile

We empower you to take action through checklists and action items

Whenever qlaro sees something new, it responds with a new set of questions


The more you use qlaro, the more it adapts to your unique needs

Prepare for Appointments

By automatically organizing your information so you can focus on what's important: you

Monitor Side Effects

To minimize the impact of cancer therapies on the rest of your health and well-being

Track Your Therapy

So you're always prepared to have more productive conversations with your care team

Find Clinical Trials

That are automatically matched to you given your specific diagnosis and medical history

Stay Ahead of the Curve

With personalized news feeds that adapt to your profile and update you about cutting-edge therapies

Connect with Similar Patients

Based on your specific diagnosis, treatment, and demographics so that you are never alone


Frequently Asked Questions

What cancers do you support?

Right now, we are targeting Ovarian Cancer. Please let us know if you'd like us to support a specific cancer diagnosis.

iOS or Android?

We are launching the first version of our product on iOS (iPhone and iPad). Stay tuned for updates about our Android version.

Where can I get the app?

We are in private beta. Please let us know if you'd like to join us as a test user to help improve the user experience!

How much does this cost?

The app is free for patients, and their families and friends!

Is this HIPAA compliant?

As patients and healthcare professionals ourselves, we value the privacy and security of our users so we've built our system from the ground up to be HIPAA compliant using the latest encryption standards.

How will my data be used?

We will use your data to continually improve our product and qlaro's ability to help you manage your diagnosis. Your data will never be sold for marketing without your explicit permission.

About the Team

Meet the Founders and Advisors


Larry Cordisco


"After managing the care of family members with cancer three different times, I felt there must be a better way to get information and compare treatment options."


Andrew Nguyen, PhD


"As a Health Informaticist, I've found that the ability to access and use healthcare information is one of the biggest barriers to patient empowerment and something I am passionate about changing!"


Freddie Seba

Product Advisor

"I'm a builder and connector at the intersection of creativity, business development, and compliance/legal and I'm passionate about leveraging technology to help people live healthier and happier lives."

Together, we are here to empower patients and their families to find the best care possible and reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with a cancer diagnosis.